Introduction to Buzios, Brazil

Buzios, while a relatively small fishing village, is a thriving paradise that is frequented by countless visitors each year. It is famous for its rustic charm, beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

The town of Buzios used to be a quiet and old-fashioned fishing village where the European pirates and slave traders settled. It was in the year 1964 when French star Bridgette Bardot and her Brazilian boyfriend Bob Zagury discovered the well-kept secret of the picturesque beauty of the town and transformed it to the remarkable beach resort it is today. In honor of Bridgette Bardot, the townspeople built her statue for they are truly grateful to her for the discovery that she made.

Buzios is only about two hours from Rio de Janeiro and it has been nominated to be one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world making it an absolute must-see. The high season usually runs from December 15th of the year to March 15th of the following year.

Buzios Tourism

The town offers over 100 inns and hotels ranging from the most luxurious to the simplest and smallest lodging you can find. There are over twenty beautiful and easily accessible white sand beaches that you can visit during your stay, and strewn throughout the area are numerous restaurants that you can choose from, depending on what cuisine you feel like savoring at the moment. During the day, before hitting the beaches, you can visit local and international boutiques and art galleries where you can find unique crafts and jewelry that are along the shores. At night, there is also a selection of live music shows, bars, night-clubs and, of course, the Rua das Pedras which is in downtown Buzios that could give you the most electrifying night life experience.

Top Places to Stay in Buzios

While in Buzios, you can stay in one of the most famous boutique hotels known as the Casas Brancas which is located at the beach and is only about two minutes away from the town center or centro. If you are looking for a dream vacation, the hotel will surely offer you just that with its luxurious amenities, haute cuisine and unique massage therapies. Another place to stay in that you should consider is The Villa Rasa Marina which is the newest boutique hotel in Buzios. The hotel features soothing massages which it is known for and the water where it is located at is very calm which makes it perfect for relaxation.

Water Activities in Buzios

There are many activities that you can choose from. You can take a boat trip through the beaches so you get to see what Buzios is all about. It is a three-hour schooner trip which goes around beaches and out to an island. You can also go scuba diving and choose from among the two excellent and certified scuba diving instruction schools. Both schools do daily trips for beginners and experienced divers alike. These schools are located on the main street by the beach downtown. You can also take surf lessons if you are not into diving. There are about ten surf schools that teach all ages and there is even one girls’ surf school called “Surfer Girls”.