Things to Do in Buzios, Brazil

While it may be a relatively small peninsula, Buzios is packed with entertainment – beaches, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs await tourists.

Buzios, Brazil is known to be one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world, thanks to its over 20 remarkable white sand beaches. But the secret is not only because of the 20 stretches of sand found in Buzios. What makes the beaches spectacular is that each of beaches has its own distinct personality and characteristics, thanks to the irregular topography of the peninsula.

Water Activities in Buzios

As mentioned, Buzios has more than 20 beaches, so looking for activities to do while you are there will never be a problem. The surrounding hotels and inns usually offer kite surfing, windsurfing or just plain surfing and other water sports such as jet skiing, kayaking and snorkeling. You can also choose to take diving lessons offered by two certified diving schools located at the centro.

Buzios is a beach resort so the aquatic activities that travelers can choose from are really abundant. Each of the beaches has its own position when it comes to water activities. There are beaches that offer calm and cool breezes that attract surfers, while there are some that are perfect for just simply partying all day. Other beaches are lying in a protected area so there is a relatively little number of any tourism establishments compared to those that are dotted with food and drink kiosks and restaurants. Some of the beaches have water that are deep enough to lodge marine life while there are other beaches that have shallow water which is not enough to go diving. Whatever you feel like doing while in Buzios, whether you want to relax or party, you will definitely find a spot suited for you.

Sight-seeing in Buzios

Aside from the many water activities and beach hopping in Buzios, you can also go sight-seeing and experience other attractions. You can ride the trolley or catamaran and take the day tour of Buzios, on both the island and the sea. If you wish to take a look at all the beaches of Buzios in a short span of time, riding the trolley or catamaran is the perfect way to get around. If you want to make your day tour more exciting and memorable, it is best to ride the catamaran because they feature a glass bottom which will allow you to see the attractions of Buzios from a different viewpoint.

Buzios Nightlife

The night life of Buzios is like no other. The tourists are welcomed with carnivals, clubs, bars and all night partying especially during the holiday season. Do take note that the clubs and bars in Buzios are very sophisticated even if it is a small town, so do not forget to bring attire suitable for an evening out. You can begin your night out with a scrumptious dinner at any of the restaurants in Buzios. There are numerous ones that you can choose from and there are some which offer international cuisines, if that is what you’re looking for. After your meal, you can head off to any of the clubs that you wish to visit.