Buzios, Brazil Beaches

With more than 20 beaches, Buzios has become one of the top destinations for those who enjoy the ocean and water sports.

Buzios is a remarkable, must-see beach resort town that features over twenty beautiful white sand beaches. They are fairly isolated from one another making each beach distinct from the other one with its own unique personality and characteristics. This makes Buzios the perfect destination to spend most of your vacation days just lying on the beach.

Praia de Geribá

Praia de Geribá is one of the most famous beaches where most of the fashionable restaurants can be found and where some of the best New Year’s parties are held. When in this beach, you can spend your day at the Fishbone Café where they offer a great beach lounge with house music and good drinks. The beach is family-friendly and this is also where some surfers flock because of its good wave formations.

Praia da Ferradura

Another beach good for water sports is the Praia da Ferradura. You will find many jet skiers, wind surfers and divers in the area. Food and drink kiosks are very visible in this beach and should you wish to ease those muscles after trying out those water sports, massages are available for the beach goers. Inns at this particular beach are very well situated because the centro is only minutes away from it.

Praia da Ferradurinha

The next beach is actually a smaller version of the previous beach and it is called Praia da Ferradurinha. It surely is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil because its white sand forms natural salt-water pools and the rocks surrounding the beach turn it into a charming enclosure. However, the food kiosks here just offer basics and are not as elaborate as the ones found in the other beaches. In this beach, kayaking or strolling is the best activity to do.

Praia de João Fernandes

Young beach goers troop to the Praia de João Fernandes because this is where the party is. The beach features many restaurants which serve good snacks and play traditional Brazilian music. It is encircled with inns, hotels and extravagant condominiums where it is worth staying in during high season, especially for the New Year, because you are close to the most happening place.

Praia Rasa

Praia Rasa is located on the other side of the cape which is secluded with calm waters and cool breeze making it attractive for wind surfers. There are plenty of private and rental vacation homes in this beach but there are no kiosks in the area.

Praia da Tartaruga

On the other hand, there is an extensive selection of kiosks and restaurants on this next beach called Praia da Tartaruga. This beach is quite popular among tourists and you will find unique rock formations that divide the sand strip into two, with warm waters to swim in.

Praia de Ossos and Praia do Recanto

If you wish to see the marvelous view of some of the beaches, you can take a hike at Praia de Ossos and Praia do Recanto. Both beaches offer a beautiful picturesque view of nature which will surely make you appreciate and revel being in one of the top 10 most beautiful places in the world.